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When it comes to sports performance, there is one brand that stands out against all others: Powerbar. For decades, Powerbar has been fueling athletes across the world and since 2020, Orbit Fulfillment has proudly provided Powerbar with various supply chain solutions.  Whether its order management,  inventory control, kitting, or transportation services, Orbit Fulfillment helps ensure that Powerbar’s athletes are always fueled.

Find Powerbar’s great products at https://sport.powerbar.com/

Fulfillment Strategy

Woo Cart Integration

Orbit Fulfillment integrates with Powerbar’s WooCommerce cart and fulfills all direct-to-consumer orders with same-day service.

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Amazon FBA

Orbit Fulfillment prepares and ships Powerbar’s Amazon FBA and Amazon Vendor Central orders, always per Amazon compliance guidelines.

Onsite Co-Pack

Orbit Fulfillment provides value-added services by creating Made-to-Stock variety packs for Powerbar.

Lot Control

Orbit Fulfillment maintains full lot and expiration traceability throughout Powerbar’s product lifecycle.

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PowerBar Logo


PowerBar Logo

Thirty years ago, we started with a vision to revolutionize sports nutrition. Paying close attention to what athletes needed to perform at their best, we created high-quality products that replenished muscles and revived the spirit at every turn. No matter the feat, you were always ready to power on and cross the finish line. Today, we’ve upped our game to provide all athletes with great taste and the proper nutrition needed through every stage of training.

We are leaders of the market we helped create, because at PowerBar, we know athletes. We know the thrill that comes from the play-offs and the rush you get when you conquer a challenge. From the never-ending days to the unbelievable comebacks, from the pre-game warm-ups to the post-game high-fives, PowerBar encourages every athlete to get the most out of their time and celebrate every win, no matter how small.

Coupled with our premium protein and endurance nutrition products that help you sustain in all conditions, our bars make for the perfect snack, whether you’re in-between games or off the field. And our innovations don’t stop there. We’re passionate about providing today’s athletes with everything they need to prosper and achieve new goals, so that no matter the sport, you always feel exhilarated to take it on.